How to arrange fixed monthly payments when purchasing designer items

Every woman’s desire is to own designer clothes, expensive jewellery and exclusive shoes. But above all this on her wish lists are the designer bags. We all want to own a designer bag (or as many as we can afford) that can be used proudly. There are brands that create such an image of uber chick and luxury, that everyone would love to have such a handbag in her wardrobe? If a beautiful lady is using Louis Vuitton bags for traveling, everyone admires her style.

But most of these bags cost more than a few months of rent money for most women. Then it becomes very difficult to justify any purchase of luxury and designer items. However, there are a few ways to get around this constraint of money and grab an exclusive item.

You can buy a second hand designer item, rent it out for some time, or pay through you credit card. But most of the times, these schemes may not work due to various reasons. The best option then is to choose fixed monthly payment for buying items that cost more than 500 dollars. The option is to place it on layaway. This is also known as instalment payment or deferred billing. You can handle it with the other monthly payments you make or it can be deducted directly from your account as per a plan.

You need to make a payment of 10% or a little more and the item will be reserved for you at the prevailing price. Then you can pay the rest of the amount according to a schedule. Once the payment is completed, the item can be taken by you and flaunted. You need to be sure that you can pay a fixed amount every month. This is a very simple plan and terms and conditions are easy to understand. There is no reason that you do not take this monthly payment plan for a luxury item that you so desire.

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